Awakening Center

Recovery Residence

Substance Abuse Treatment for Men

Men's Program

Application for Admission & Residence Rules

Violation of the following rules is grounds for immediate termination from the program. Discharge will be reported immediately to appropriate persons.

  1. No use of any mind-altering and/or mood-changing drugs. This includes alcohol and over-the-counter drugs. Residents may not use mouthwash unless it is alcohol-free. Residents must check with a staff member before taking any medication.
  2. Relapse is grounds for immediate discharge from the program.
  3. Residents must submit to random alcohol/drug screens. Refusal to submit a sample is considered an automatic positive.
  4. No paraphernalia.
  5. Residents are not permitted to go to bars, nightclubs, pubs, or any alcohol-serving or adult entertainment establishments.
  6. Awakening Center is not responsible for any personal property lost of stolen by or from the residents of the house or of any items left over 15 days by clients who have left the program.
  7. No visitors are allowed except by prior approval of staff.
  8. No weapons, illegal activity, gambling, violence, abusive or threatening language or behavior, racial slurs, pornography, obscene materials, or any sexually oriented literature or activities will be tolerated.
  9. NO SMOKING INDOORS; residents may smoke in designated smoking areas outside.
  10. All residents must participate in maintaining the cleanliness of their residence; this includes performing daily chores, to be assigned by a staff member.
  11. Residents are responsible for preparing their own meals.
  12. No computers, TVs, VCRs, video game players, or stereo systems are permitted. Small alarm clocks with radios are permitted.
  13. All residents are required to adhere to curfews; curfews vary by house and phase.
  14. Lights out vary by house - see house schedules for times. Kitchen and common areas are off-limits after lights are out.
  15. Passes - weekend passes are considered privileges, and are to be therapeutic in nature. Thus, passes are subject to prior written approval from staff and must be applied for by noon on Tuesday prior to the requested leave. Passes are effective from 5 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Sunday.
  16. All residents are required to attend at least one 12-step meeting daily.
  17. Residents shall have at least a temporary sponsor within 10 days of becoming a resident. Each resident shall execute approved release of information forms to the sponsor and give sponsors permission to share openly with staff.
  18. Telephone calls made from the house are to be limited to 5 minutes maximum. Cell phones are not permitted upon admission.
  19. All residents are expected to obtain employment or be enrolled as a full-time student no later than phase 3; jobs must be pre-approved by staff and shall not, under any condition, conflict with required meetings or curfews.
  20. All areas are subject to random search and inspection for cleanliness and contraband at any time.
  21. All residents will be placed on a buddy system in accordance with phase system.
  22. Residents shall not form any new romantic relationships or call members of the opposite sex, for any reason. No two residents shall date or have sexual relations with one another while in the program.
  23. Residents are required to attend and participate appropriately in all scheduled groups and activities; this includes adherence to daily schedules.
  24. Residents are required to sign in and out when entering and leaving the residence.
  26. No resident will have any part of their body tattooed or pierced while in the program.
  27. Residents must report loss of keys to staff immediately.
  28. No resident shall have anyone call the Awakening Center for information without first signing a release of information form.
  29. No resident will disclose any information about another resident or former resident to anyone outside in the community.
  30. Consequences will be assigned for any and all violations. Appeals may be made in writing to any staff member, within 5 days. Two or more staff members will hear appeals. Appeals will receive a response within 72 hours; staff may prolong their response up to two weeks from the date of the appeal upon notifying the complainant.

Readmission to the program is considered on a case by case basis. Readmission will be contingent on a client’s follow through with recommendations made at discharge from the program, and will result in a return to phase I if readmitted.

What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

Each residence is equipped with a full kitchen and washer and dryer. Each resident has his/her own bed and a dresser; sheets are provided, however residents may bring extra sheets for a twin extra-long bed if desired. Residents should bring their own pillow and towels, toiletries, and clothes.

I have read the information packet and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Steppingstones supportive living facility. I realize that violation of these rules may be grounds for immediate discharge from the program. Furthermore, I understand that admission fees for the supportive living facility are non-refundable, nor are monthly fees unless 30 days notice is given; unpaid balances will be turned over to merchants credit collection agency. I understand that without a written statement verifying satisfactory completion of program goals, I will be considered discharged “Against Professional Advice,” and appropriate persons will be informed.