Awakening Center

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Substance Abuse Treatment for Men

Program Philosophy & Description

Program Philosophy

We believe that the spiritual dimension of life is a missing component of much traditional treatment. The Awakening Center has no goal or ulterior motive of changing one's religious belief system in any way, but to use an individual's existing spiritual and religious history and practice to help restore personal spirituality (defined here as "peace of mind"). If a client is not satisfied with his/her religious/spiritual belief system we will help them begin to define and obtain one. We draw heavily from such sacred texts as the Sermon on the Mount, as the spiritual principles found there are more than adequate to cross religious, sectarian, and denominational boundaries and are more than adequate to deal with life on life's terms. The program emphasizes character development, which is the theme of the twice-weekly Spiritual Growth group meetings and which is facilitated by an accomplished counselor with years of teaching and pastoral experience.

The Awakening Center is a supportive, structured living environment for people who are new in their recovery from alcohol and/or drugs and exists to assist people with substance abuse problems in restoration as productive functioning members of society.

It is our belief that Chemical Dependency is a primary, progressive, chronically debilitating disease, which left untreated can be fatal. We believe that alcohol and drug problems usually begin innocently with social and experimental use and progress to abusive use, and then to dependence which is accelerated if certain genetic factors are present. As a primary bio-psycho-social illness, chemical influences are present in the brain forever if a client has crossed over into actual chemical dependence, and will not permit those individuals to successfully process mood-altering chemicals in a controlled manner. Therefore total abstinence is the only guaranteed method of arresting problems caused by these chemicals. Millions of people in recovery who never thought this would be possible have "field-tested" this fact and attest to its truth!

A variety of methods is utilized to achieve this goal on an individualized basis, taking into consideration cultural factors. A holistic approach to healing- body, mind, and spirit- all of which suffers damage during years of neglect and abuse is used to support the recovery of our clients. Daily commitment to recovery is of utmost importance in order to achieve and maintain total abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Steppingstones does not provide direct medical or psychiatric care, but makes appropriate referrals upon request by its clients or if indicated.

The Awakening Center employs qualified professionals, skilled in a variety of treatment modalities. They are caring individuals, chosen for sensitivity and insight, many of who are in recovery themselves, who work together in our therapeutic environment with a common goal, yet an understanding that each individual is unique and needs to be offered multidimensional approaches to treatment and personal growth. While the cessation of drinking/using may be immediate, the recovery process, and personal growth, can last a lifetime!

Program Description

The Awakening Center is an affordable and unique alternative to inpatient hospitalization for individuals who do not need the level of medical monitoring that inpatient hospitalization offers but who do need watchful oversight while learning proven methods of recovery from addictive diseases. We contract with a local treatment program, Steppingstones To Recovery, to provide an Intensive Outpatient treatment program and shuttle our clients there daily. Clients are housed in the recovery residence a short distance from Steppingstones. Steppingstones is CARF accredited and licensed by the Georgia Department of Community Health. The treatment program itself is covered by most major insurance companies.

Some who complete the 6-week program may benefit from continued supervision during the crucial early months of recovery and sobriety. There is an option to continue living in the recovery residence, a safe haven for adults to learn and practice recovery principles early in recovery as statistics demonstrate a correlation between early relapse-prevention and long-term sobriety. This program utilizes watchful oversight, coaching, and teaching based on 12-step self-help recovery while simultaneously encouraging spiritual growth and development via attendance at faith-based recovery groups in addition to public programs such as AA/NA. Emphasis is on achieving peace-of-mind as clients reconcile themselves with God as they understand Him, utilizing their own religious/spiritual belief system while at the same time finding a new freedom and happiness. Residential responsibilities and interaction is a vital part of recovery as the team endeavors to instill positive life skills into the thoughts and habit patterns of the residents. Clients progress through a phase system of growth and development and as progress is made, privileges are earned. Obtaining employment after 30-60 days in the residence is encouraged.

The male and female residences are separate programs and some distance apart, though both genders may meet together in common services with staff supervision only.