Awakening Center

Recovery Residence

Substance Abuse Treatment for Men

Recovery Residence Policies


To achieve peace of mind via:

  1. Total abstinence from all mood altering substances.
  2. Identify and express feelings verbally, and improve personal awareness and communication skills.
  3. Identify areas in life that have been negatively affected by alcohol/drug use.
  4. Become involved in 12-step self-help programs.
  5. Obtain a sponsor as a personal guide through the steps.
  6. Perform daily chores, meal preparation, and develop sober living skills.
  7. Obtain employment and assume financial responsibility.
  8. Engage in sober leisure activities that replace old unhealthy behaviors with new and healthy ones in an effort to develop sober living skills.
  9. Use therapeutic leaves, approved by counselors, to repair damaged family relationships.
  10. Strengthen a positive connection with God as personally understood.

Admission Process

Clients must agree to commit themselves fully to the program, and not terminate treatment until the treatment team has provided the client with written documentation of successful program completion. Therefore, length of time in the program is dependant upon the clientís progress and participation, however most clients complete program goals within 9-12 months. There are no exclusions based on age, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, or spiritual beliefs.

A counselor will conduct an initial screening on all prospective clients and appropriateness for admission will be determined on an individual basis. Only those individuals who are willing to make their recovery a priority shall be admitted to the program.


The Awakening Center provides transportation for its clients to all required meetings. Clients will be allowed to use their own personal vehicle upon completion of appropriate phase requirements and must show proof of a valid driverís license and insurance. Having a vehicle is not a requirement and alternative transportation sources are available. Driving is a privilege which may be revoked at any time if circumstances merit. Use of the company vehicle is available at our cost, 50-cents per mile, for approved business.


The Awakening Center has contracted with Steppingstones To Recovery, LLC., a state licensed and CARF accredited treatment facility, to provide intensive outpatient treatment to Awakening Center residents who desire it.

Sober Living

Life in a sober living facility can be a new and difficult experience for clients. To minimize stress and to begin practicing sober living skills, the Awakening Center has a highly structured program. Staff members are available on a 24-hour basis, under the direction of a resident manager and a licensed or certified counselor who is on call at all times.

Each resident is required to attend 12-step meetings daily in addition to treatment on an intensive outpatient level. A copy of the schedule and rules and regulations related to sober living can be found in this information packet.