Awakening Center

Recovery Residence

Substance Abuse Treatment for Men

Residence Fees & Schedule

Residence Fees

Admission: $600 (Non-Refundable)
Monthly: $1,200

Includes rent, utilities, weekly individual sessions with a licensed/certified counselor, and food for all meals; residents take rotation responsibilities for preparing meals. Admission fees are non-refundable; monthly or weekly rent shall not be refunded should a client vacate without 30 days notice. Occasionally, scholarships are available for up to 20% of the monthly fee.

Note, fees listed do not include cost of Intensive Outpatient Program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Fees

The Awakening Center does not offer a treatment program per se, but contracts with nearby Steppingstones to Recovery to provide its CARF accredited Intensive Outpatient treatment program for its residents.


A phase system has been established as a guide to help clients estimate when certain privileges and responsibilities are to be fulfilled. The following table shall be used only as a guide, and is subject to change with counselor approval only! Any and all requests for transitions to subsequent phases shall be prior approved, and documented in writing on transition forms. Relapse is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program; clients will be informed of requirements for readmission within 72 hours of discharge- requirements may vary as they are therapeutic in nature. Without a written statement verifying satisfactory completion of program goals, clients will be considered discharged "Against Professional Advice, and appropriate persons will be informed.